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November 3, 2022

Behavioral Health Series 2023 | Session 3

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FORMAT: Online Webinar Series
DATE: May 12, 2023
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Healthcare professionals in all settings work regularly with patients living with mental health conditions. There is an unmet need for relevant training in behavioral health skills, at a time when these skills are more vital than ever. In these interactive live webinars, experts in behavioral health provide training in de-escalation, suicide prevention, ethical and cultural considerations in mental health, and other skills for use in both inpatient and outpatient settings.

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This will be a 3-part series of live webinars, which will be 4-5 hours apiece. Join us for each session at $179, or all 3 sessions for $499!

These Behavioral Health Webinars are designed for healthcare workers in all settings who want to increase their skills in de-escalation, creating a safe environment, managing and recognizing common psychiatric diagnoses, and much more! The first live webinar will take place on Friday, January 13th, and will continue every other month after that. Participants can sign up for any number of webinars to attend live, or register later to view recordings of each part of the series. These live webinars are designed to be interactive, integrating brief discussions, skills practice, and role-playing.


  1. Define the Autism Spectrum and Neurodiversity.
  2. Identify the available medications for treating OUD during pregnancy and postpartum periods
  3. Recognize the prevalence and impact of mental health issues among health care workers 

Target Audience

Nurses, nurse practitioners, and other healthcare professionals who work in hospitals, ambulatory settings, urgent care clinics, and other healthcare settings, with or without a specialty in behavioral health.

Program Schedule

8:00 am Welcome and Overview
8:15 am Tools for Working with Individuals with Neurodiversity Lindsey Miller, MS, PMHNP & Sage Davis
9:25 am Medications for OUD in Pregnancy and Postpartum Vania Rudolf, MD, MPH
10:35 am Now WhatExploring the Mental Health and Work Environment of Nurses Now and in the Future Marie Cockerham, MN, RN, e-CPR-C
11:45 am Mental Health of Women and Children Edwyna Ho
12:45 pm Adjourn