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April 28, 2022

Diabetes Update 2021

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Course Description

In all practice settings, clinicians are involved in managing care for patients living with diabetes. Staying informed about the latest research and treatment strategies for glycemic control is essential to help patients achieve maximum health and manage complications. Learning methods include lecture, discussion and case study analysis.

Target Audience

For nurses, nurse practitioners, nurse educators, certified diabetes educators, dietitians, nutritionists, pharmacists, social workers, health educators, physical therapists and other healthcare professionals across all settings

Objectives for Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of this course, you will be better able to:

  1. Recognize disease modifying therapy currently being developed to prevent T1D progression and preserve beta cell function in those who are diagnosed.
  2. Explore principles of physical movement for adoption in personal and professional experience.
  3. Integrate lifestyle and pharmacotherapy for management of Diabetes and Chronic Kidney Disease.
  4. Discuss appropriate prescribing of select natural supplements and their efficacy for managing glycemic control in diabetes mellitus and its complications.
  5. Understand blood sugar targets for patients with concurrent coronary artery disease and new technologies for closer monitoring.
  6. Understand current innovations and practices in supporting culturally diverse patient populations.
  7. Build a deeper knowledge of the patient experience by hearing from those receiving Diabetes care.

Featured Topics

  1. Natural Therapies for Diabetes Mellitus – Reese Pellegrini, ND
  2. Incorporating Sitting Less and Moving More into Nursing Practice – Sally Friend, MPH, RN
  3. Immunotherapy for Type 1 Diabetes: Where Have We Been and Where Are We Going? – Dana VanBuecken, ARNP | Anna Barash, BSN, RN, CDCES
  4. Developments in Diabetes Care: Primary and Secondary Prophylaxis of Coronary Events – Peter Barkett, MD
  5. New KDIGO Clinical Practice Guideline for Management of Diabetes in CKD – Ian DeBoer, MD, MS
  6. Improving Diabetes Care in Latinx Communities – Rose Cano | Lorena Wright, MD, FACE
  7. Pediatric Updates: Diabetes Technology and Medications – Kearstyn Leu, ARNP, MPH
  8. Panel Discussion: Patient Experiences – Facilitated by Meredith Cotton