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August 4, 2023

Medical-Surgical Certification Review 2024

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FORMAT: Virtual CourseImage for Med-Surg Review course.
DATES: January 11 – April 24, 2024 (15 weeks)
(For agencies only: there is the option to accelerate the course to 10 weeks, from January 11 – March 20, 2024)


This online course combines distance learning methods with a strong component of mentorship to deliver expert content to individuals and groups of nurses at participating sites.
Medical-Surgical Nursing Update and Certification Review is designed to meet two goals:
1) to enhance practice in medical-surgical nursing, and
2) to support nurses in pursuing national certification. Certification is a mechanism for clearly identifying nurses and agencies committed to the highest standards of professional preparation, patient care and patient safety. Graduates of this course are very successful in achieving certification (97% pass rate). Teaching methods include lectures, case studies, reflective assignments, test-taking, and mentoring.


Recorded lectures are posted each week for participating sites and individual registrants and are available 24/7 during the course. Weekly activities include 2.5-4 hours of study, including video lectures, a practice test, and an evaluation of the presentation. Two reflective assignments invite students to notice how the course is influencing their practice. All coursework may be completed online at any time. Additional in-person meetings may be scheduled at the discretion of the co-sponsoring agency.


Experienced nurses in all care settings interested in a comprehensive medical-surgical review and/or in preparing for certification or re-certification in medical-surgical nursing.

“This class has helped to remind me that learning is a lifelong commitment with nursing. I took this class not only for the certification but to see if furthering my education was something that I was still interested in doing. I have recently started inquiring about pursuing my DNP. This class has helped to reinforce my desire to continue to improve myself and my knowledge.”
“Being able to watch the lectures on my schedule was very nice and integral to my ability to take this class! Having a mentor to turn to if needed was very reassuring as an adult re-entry student. This class has been so important to me and my care of the patient at the bedside


National certification is a mechanism for protecting the public by clearly identifying nurses and agencies committed to the highest standards of professional preparation, patient care, and patient safety. Nurses who have completed this course and taken a certification exam are very successful in attaining certification (97% pass rate over the past 18 years). New graduates should contact their Agency Coordinator about certification eligibility requirements.


After completing this course, participants will be better able to:

  1. Relate the etiology, pathophysiology, pharmacology, nursing process, and patient education of common medical-surgical diagnoses to patient care.
  2. Apply evidence-based approaches to nursing assessment and interventions.
  3. Utilize strategies that enhance patient safety.
  4. Achieve personal goals with regard to national certification in medical-surgical nursing and/or enhancing medical-surgical nursing practice.
  5. Describe at least two situations in which course content was applied to your nursing practice.


  • Individual Registrant
    The fee for an individual registrant is $795. The fee includes 24/7 access to the course material online. Please register and pay online at your convenience.
  • Agency Participant
    Before registering as an employee of a co-sponsoring agency, be sure to contact the designated Agency Coordinator (AC) for the coupon code. Agencies may choose to have additional requirements, such as participation in meetings, and should be discussed with the AC directly.


Hospitals and agencies in all regions of the country are invited to co-sponsor the Medical-Surgical Nursing Update and Certification Review Course. Applications are now being accepted, please contact medsurg@uw.edu for more information.


For more information, please contact medsurg@uw.edu