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April 3, 2024

Motivational Interviewing | 2024

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FORMAT: Virtual Conference
DATE: Tuesday | May 14th, 2024

Conference Description

Jonnae uses examples, stories, and humor to create a personalized training day. The course is grounded in science with an intentional focus on implementation in day-to-day practice. The day will fly by as participants from all skill levels increase their understanding of Motivational Interviewing, watch and debrief M.I. demonstrations, and practice live. Jonnae uses participants’ questions and experiences to design activities in real time. Topics can include how to use M.I. in intake, follow-ups, remote appointments, goal setting, planning, phone calls, and team collaborative planning. All trainings include discussions about MI and trauma-informed care, and bridging diversity in healthcare.

 Learning Outcomes

  • Recognize barriers unintentionally created in healthcare conversations.
  • Listen for clients’ values, concerns, and beliefs as the foundation to build effective treatment plans.
  • Practice listening and understanding before responding with information or advice, thus avoiding ineffective “ping-pong-style” conversations.
  • Identify Change Talk in written and recorded examples.
  • Practice Open-Ended Questions and Reflective Listening to evoke Change Talk.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the Spirit of M.I.
  • Recognize the difference between Affirmations and Praise.
  • Provide education and recommendations in an effective style that keeps patients interacting.

 Previous Testimonies

  • “I appreciated her expertise and humor. I learned so much about motivational interviewing that I can use in my daily practice.”
  • “This was the most beneficial conference I have attended: it was very, very helpful to experience motivational interviewing and not just be lectured to.”
  • “Jonnae was very knowledgeable about Motivational Interviewing. I have attended several trainings on this subject and this one was the most grounded in science and instructive on how to implement the technique in practice. She was a very dynamic speaker.”
  • “Awesome class! I would recommend this class to all providers taking care of patients in all disciplines. I have recommended it to my entire team.”
  • “I noticed an immediate difference in my interactions with patients. In the words of one of my patients, ‘Thanks for taking the time to work things out with me. I appreciated the back- and-forth dialogue, not just someone telling me what to do.'”



Jonnae Tillman, DNP, PMHNP


Jonnae Tillman is in her 21st year as a trainer, researcher, and consultant in Motivational Interviewing (M.I.). and is a member of MINT (Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers), an international organization committed to research, training, and practice. Jonnae has also written online C.E. courses for M.I. and Type 2 Diabetes in Primary Care, and for national Head Start/Early Head Start programs.

Dr. Tillman is a psychiatric nurse practitioner (PMHNP) and earned degrees in psychology, addiction medicine, and a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) from Seattle University. Jonnae is the Director of the PMHNP program at Seattle University and has been on faculty for 11 years. In addition, she has trained and coached emergency department practitioners at NYU/Bellevue Hospital, Miami’s Jackson Memorial, and Massachusetts General in Boston. Jonnae is a former Clinical Director of Research at the University of Washington, where she provided M.I. training, supervision, and fidelity adherence.

For over ten years, Jonnae has designed and implanted MI trainings for organizations such as, Nurse Family Partnership, Washington State Department of Corrections, Migrant Head Start, and domestic violence prevention agencies. Jonnae regularly presents at national and international conferences, presenting on topics like “M.I. in ‘e-Health’ Interventions” at the ICME Research Conference in Venice, Italy and “M.I. in Healthcare: Brief Interventions” at the MINT conference in Sheffield, England.

On a Personal Note: Jonnae Tillman lives in the beautiful little beach town of Edmonds, Washington with her two muddy Labradors. She is a voracious reader and travels to NYC as much as possible for theatre. On her travel wish list is a visit to Lithuania.

Target Audience

For nurses, nurse practitioners, and other interested healthcare professionals in all settings including acute, ambulatory, home health, hospice, long-term, rehabilitation, and transitional care. Pharmacists, physician assistants, and dieticians.   

Program Schedule


8:30        What is Motivational Interviewing and How Does it Work? A Nuts and Bolts review of M.I. - including updates from the new 2024 Edition!

9:30        It’s Not About Being Nice: The Measurable and Observable Skills of M.I. (OARS)

10:30      Break

10:45      Using OAES to Evoke Change Talk (Desire, Ability, Reasons, and Needs). Watch demonstrations, practice, and debrief.

12:00      Lunch

12:30      Strengthening Confidence: Praise vs. Affirmations. Trauma-informed Care and M.I.

1:30        Break

1:45        Providing Information/Recommendations without Triggering Resistance

2:30       Evaluation and Adjourn

6 CE