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April 29, 2022

Wound Care Update 2020

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Course Description

Wound management is a dynamic and evolving area of practice in healthcare today. Wounds present complex challenges and pivotal opportunities for multidisciplinary teams to collaborate and improve the health status of patients. This program addresses current scientific, clinical and professional practice issues across care settings related to acute and chronic wounds including evidence-based and multidisciplinary strategies for assessing and intervening to achieve successful outcomes. Presentations will update the professional with recent changes to practice and assume a basic understanding of wound management principles. Teaching methods include videos, PDF handouts, and case studies. 

Target Audience

For nurses, nurse practitioners and other interested healthcare professionals in all settings including acute, ambulatory, home health, hospice, long-term, rehabilitation and transitional care.

Objectives for Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of this activity, participants will be better able to:

  1. Work with the houseless population, and select products that work well for this setting. 
  2. Discuss treatments of fistulas with negative pressure. 
  3. Describe the components of Complete Decongestive Therapy. 
  4. Understand how to send microbiological testing judiciously when assessing for wound infections. 
  5. Discuss clinical case presentations of atypical wounds. 
  6. Outline pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic interventions for wound dressing care and debridement. 

Featured Topics

  1. Wound Care in the Streets – Christina Wang, DNP, MPH, APRN-Rx, AGPCNP-C 
  2. Fistulas and Negative Pressure Wound Therapy – Carrie Dean, BSN, RN, CWCN
  3. Lymphedema and Wounds: Reduce Swelling for Better Healing– Hannah Gaba, PT, DPT, CLT-LANA 
  4. Hidradenitis Suppurativa: A Pain in the Axilla – James (Jay) Vary, MD, PhD 
  5. Antibiotics in Wound Care: What’s In It for YOU! (Rx) – Paul Pottinger, MD 
  6. Learning from Each Case: Atypical Etiology Wounds – Molly Price, ARNP, CWON
  7. 2020 Hindsight: Improving Ostomy Care – Nancy Unger, MN, MPH, APN-BC, RN-BC, CWON
  8. Pain Management for Wound Care (Rx) – Deb Gordon, RN, DNP, FAAN 


  • Hannah Gaba, PT, DPT, CLT-LANA, Physical Therapist, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, Seattle
  • Christina Wang, DNP, MPH, APRN-Rx, AGPCNP-C, Nurse Practitioner, Hawai’i Health & Harm Reduction Center, Honolulu, Hawaii
  • James (Jay) Vary, MD, PhD, Associate Professor, Medicine, Division of Dermatology, UW Seattle
  • Molly Price, ARNP, CWON, Nurse Practitioner, Clinical Supervising Provider, Wound/Ostomy Department, Evergreen Health, Seattle
  • Debra B Gordon, RN, DNP, FAAN, Co-Director, Integrated Pain Care Program, Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine, Harborview Medical Center, Seattle
  • Paul Pottinger, MD, Professor, Department of Medicine, Division of Allergy & Infectious Diseases, University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle
  • Carrie Dean, BSN, RN, CWCN, Clinical Specialist, KCI + 3M, San Antonio, Texas
  • Nancy Unger, MN, MPH, APN-BC, RN-BC, CWON, General Surgery ARNP, UW Medicine/UWMC, Seattle; Clinical Affiliate Instructor, Biobehavioral Nursing and Health Systems, UW School of Nursing, Seattle