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May 5, 2021

UW Wound Academy | Mechanisms of Wound Healing

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UW Wound Academy
Mechanisms of Wound Healing
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Course Description

This module focuses on the mechanisms of wound healing and the body’s defense mechanisms against invading microorganisms.

Target Audience

Healthcare professionals and other individuals involved in the care, management and treatment of patients with wounds.

Objectives for Learning Outcomes

After completing this module, you will be better able to:

  1. Describe the difference between regeneration and repair.
  2. Discuss the body’s vascular response to an acute injury.
  3. Explain the process of blood coagulation in provisional wound closure.
  4. Identify the function of the inflammatory process in the nonspecific immune defense process.
  5. Explain the role of fibroblasts and myofibroblasts in wound contraction.


  • Forms of wound healing
  • Regeneration versus repair
  • Physiology of wound healing
  • Vascular response
  • Blood coagulation
  • Inflammation
  • Formation of new tissue
  • Granulation
  • Fibrinolysis
  • Contraction
  • Scar formation
  • Epithelialization
  • Remodeling
  • Time course of wound healing