1. Please verify your completion of this on-demand course. This question is required to receive contact hour credit.(Required)

2. Please rate each sessions in terms of the speaker's teaching effectiveness.
2a. Module 1: Nutrition & Diabetes: Taking Care of the Individual - Karen Conger(Required)

2b. Module 2: How the Words We Use Matter: Using Nonjudgemental Language - Meredith Cotton(Required)

2c. Module 3:The Adolescent with Type 1 Diabetes: Unique Challenges and Risks - Alissa Roberts(Required)

2d. Module 4: Which Insulin is Best?: A Review of Insulin Analogs and Newer Insulins (Rx) - Roini Wadhwani(Required)

2e. Module 5: Diabetes Drugs: 2020 Update (Rx) - Savitha Subramanian(Required)

2f. Module 6: De-Intensifying and Individualizing Therapy in an Aging Population - Avantika Waring(Required)

2g. Module 7: Diabetes Technology Update: Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) Systems and Insulin Pump Therapy(Required)

2h. Module 8: Patient Panel Stories - Negin Ebrahimifard.and Sarah Klippel(Required)

4. Please rate how well the speakers met their stated objectives.
4a. Objective 1: Understand basics of diabetes and nutrition.(Required)

4b. Objective 2: Identify language frequently used with and about persons with diabetes and understand shifts in language that promote a collaborative relationship with the healthcare professional.(Required)

4c. Objective 3: Identify risk behaviors for adolescents with T1D that are impacted by their diabetes.(Required)

4d. Objective 4: Understand the different types of insulin analogs available and their action profiles.(Required)

4e. Objective 5: Understand the 2020 American Diabetes Association guidelines.(Required)

4f. Objective 6: Understand when and how to de-intensify therapy in the elderly patient.(Required)

4g. Objective 7: Differentiate between different continuous glucose monitoring systems (CGMs).(Required)

6. Did educational sessions contain any commercial bias or influence?(Required)

7. Please rate the level of difficulty in accessing and using this on-demand course.(Required)

9. What is your overall assessment of this on-demand course?(Required)

10. What is your level of experience in health care?(Required)

11. How did you hear about this course?(Required)