1. Please verify your completion of this on-demand course. This question is required to receive contact hour credit.(Required)

2. Please rate each sessions in terms of the speaker's teaching effectiveness.
2a. Module 1: Why Prone Positioning in ARDS? - Sunny Ohman(Required)

2b. Module 2: Moral Distress and Evidence Based Interventions to Resilience - Desiree Wood(Required)

2c. Module 3: ICU Management of COVID-19 - Desiree Wood(Required)

2d. Module 4: Hemodynamics of Shock - Desiree Wood(Required)

4. Please rate how well the speakers met their stated objectives.
4a. Objective 1: Describe the physiologic effects of prone positioning.(Required)

4b. Objective 2: Develop a knowledge base to assist with developing specific strategies in response to moral distress that are focused on balance and whole health.(Required)

4c. Objective 3: Identify treatment standards for the critically ill patient diagnosed with COVID-19.(Required)

4d. Objective 4: Define the four mechanisms of Shock.(Required)

6. Did educational sessions contain any commercial bias or influence?(Required)

7. Please rate the level of difficulty in accessing and using this on-demand course.(Required)

9. What is your overall assessment of this on-demand course?(Required)

10. What is your level of experience in health care?(Required)

11. How did you hear about this course?(Required)