UW School of Nursing

Poster Guidelines

Poster presentation at a UWCNE conference.UW Continuing Nursing Education encourages conference participants to submit a poster abstract!

Poster presentation benefits include:

  1. Practice communicating research or program findings to enhance others’ practice
  2. Some employers may pay your registration fees if you present a work-related poster
  3. Network with providers who share your interests
  4. Grow your professional practice and strengthen your resume

Poster topics can range from a practice improvement project and/or an educational strategy, clinical program or research project that highlights improvements in health care delivery, education, research, or policy. Posters do NOT have to be completed works. For successful abstract submission, please describe the formation and progress of your project, methodology, and any results.

For example, posters can communicate:
  1. Pilot projects
  2. Lessons learned
  3. Promising practices/strategies
  4. Opportunities for future study/partnerships

Below are general guideline on professional poster development:

  1. Alignment. Do the purpose, objectives, and results/outcomes of the project align with the UWCNE conference learning objectives? (Please see the conference portal for conference learning objectives).
  2. Audience appropriateness. Would the anticipated conference audience benefit from the project information? (Consider scope of practice, timeliness, relevance, learning needs, generalizable across health care settings). Are the anticipated conference audience the appropriate recipients for the project information? (See “Target audience” on the conference portal).
  3. Clarity and Organization. Is the project information clearly communicated and succinctly organized?

Please note, you have the option to submit a poster but not attend the conference. If you choose to attend the conference, approved poster presenters are eligible for a discount upon registration.