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The Primary Goal of the Program 

To provide strategies to enable you to live with and deal successfully with an ICD shock, so that more serious problems like severe anxiety, depression and PTSD can be avoided. 


 Four self-paced modules 

 Read all materials, watch all DVDs, practice all exercises. You might find something that works well for you. 

 Each session will follow a similar format that includes information, strategies, and exercises for reducing stress 

 In order to gain the full benefit, you will be assigned ―practice assignments‖ each session 

 The amount of time you spend practicing skills will likely influence how much you benefit from this program 


There will be three evaluation periods during the 6-month study. These will occur at the Beginning, at 4-weeks, and 6-months. This includes: 

 Questionnaires 

 Wearing a pedometer on your ankle 

Stress Management Techniques Presented In Program 

Diaphragmatic Breathing – Week 1 

Progressive Muscle Relaxation – Week 2 

Autogenic Training – Week 3 

Guided Imagery – Week