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April 27, 2022

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On-Demand Program


This on-demand program provides a comprehensive update on key topics in evidence-based medical-surgical nursing practice. The course is designed to meet two goals:

  1. To enhance practice in medical-surgical nursing.
  2. To support nurses in pursuing national certification.


Med-Surg 365 is presented in an on-demand format tailored to suit adult learners with busy professional schedules.

  1. Register at any time and get 365 days from the date of enrollment to finish.
  2. Set your own schedule and learn at your own pace.
  3. Consult with a nurse mentor.
  4. Teaching methods include video lectures, handouts, practice tests and reflective learning exercises.
  5. Supplementary resources help you prepare for the certification exam.

Headshot of Shirley Klakken.MEET THE NURSE MENTOR

You are not alone. Your nurse mentor is an experienced nurse educator who will encourage you throughout the course, respond to questions and assignments, and monitor your progress toward completion.

Shirley Kopf-Klakken, MSN, RN
Professional Development Specialist, Virginia Mason Medical Center, Seattle


Registered nurses, including experienced medical-surgical nurses, nurse educators, ambulatory care and specialty care nurses, nurses in transition to new units and work settings and nurses re-entering the nursing profession.


After completing this program, you will be better prepared to:

  1. Discuss the etiology, pathophysiology, pharmacology, nursing process and patient education related to common medical-surgical diagnoses.
  2. Apply evidence-based strategies to nursing assessment and interventions.
  3. Discuss strategies that enhance patient safety.
  4. Describe specific, measurable changes in which lecture content can be applied to nursing practice.


To register for only one or a few modules, click on the topic:
  1. Finding Joy & Meaning in Healthcare Amid Crisis
  2. Fluid, Electrolytes and Acid/Base Balance
  3. Renal System
  4. Wound Care
  5. Infection Prevention and Control
  6. Sepsis Management
  7. Respiratory Disorders
  8. Orthopedic Topics
  9. Cardiovascular Impairment
  10. Caring for the Older Adult
  11. Legal and Ethical Issues
  12. Neurological Disorders
  13. Hematologic Disorders
  14. Mental Health
  15. Acute Pain Management
  16. Gastrointestinal Disorders
  17. Endocrine Disorders